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Celebrating and Reviving the Feminine Divine through the Teachings of SexyJesus

Personalized Yoga Mentoring for Singles and Couples

Love your body

Communicate better on the path of love 

Connect more deeply with others in the digital age

Overcome repression and shame taught by institutional religion

Develop a strong inner compass to help you make wise decisions 

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Learn more about this spiritual philosophy in the book, Letters to a Young Woman: Lessons on Life and Love, from Paris, available on Amazon

Part spiritual memoir, part rallying cry for a new generation, Jana Rose (aka, MotherJana) shares her story and her vision for how young women can embrace the sensual and the sacred and love their bodies in order to create a better future. Written in Parisian cafes in the span of one week in January, 2020, the book is tender, heartwarming, funny, and wise. 

"A book that pulls no punches.... Jana speaks (writes) her truth -- and I think many will find it helpful and inspirational." --J. Brent Bill, Author

"This was a life-changing book that, in my opinion, every young woman should read. The way the book is written feels like you are being directly spoken to, validated, and loved. This book makes it okay for you to have and experience all of the joys of being an adventurous young woman and also have a sacred relationship with God. Very inspirational and very spiritually empowering. I highly recommend you read these wonderful, heartfelt letters!" --Amazon Customer

"Truly eye opening book with incredible insight into what it means to be a woman. Each page filled with experience that only life can give you. It is a real page turner and would highly recommend to any woman looking for a new perspective on life!" --Ava Kripp. college yogi

What Does It Mean to Love?

My own journey through yoga and meditation led me to the teachings of the guru I call SexyJesus, and I realized that he never taught repression and shame. The church taught that. And Jesus wasn't very big on churches, or priests, or people who excelled within the status quo. Do you know who he really loved and wanted to help? People who were struggling. People on the fringes of society. Women, especially. 

The more I read his words and studied history and the gospels, the more I saw the distinction of SexyJesus's teachings and the teachings of the institutional Christian church. And I fell in love with Jesus. Totally, head over heels in love. What a man! Gentle, loving, kind. Inwardly powerful. Meditative. Artistic and creative (so many parables!). Speaks truth to power. Lifts women up in a culture that tries to push them down. Enjoys pleasure and physical affection. Willing to sacrifice everything for love. (And, um, there is just no evidence that he was celibate.) 

The personalized coaching program I've developed is rooted in SexyJesus's commandment, "Love your neighbor as yourself." So first, we have to know how to love ourselves, and overturn years of repression and shame. My coaching program is rooted in hatha yoga and meditation (heart-centering prayer), with sacred readings and opportunities for discussion. We develop a personalized schedule and practice for you that will help you tap into your inner wisdom and grow in peace, confidence, and happiness, along with weekly coaching calls and fun homework. 

The 7-week MotherJana Mentoring Program Includes 

Audio meditations and instruction

Yoga Instruction

Sacred readings 

Explorative Writing

Fun exercises and homework

Action-oriented accountability for spiritual progress

Weekly coaching calls and texting communication

Embodiment practices 

A personalized schedule you can continue long after the program is over, which highlights sensual practices and pleasure exercises 

Book a free consultation call to discuss program options. 

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Meditation, Yoga, Scripture Readings (Funny Faces....)

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What People Are Saying about Intimacy and Body Work

“Jana has a vigilance to make the world a better place, one relationship at a time. A valuable support system for women, Jana boldly dives below the surface level of social nuances and vets the soul to aid in the release of a client’s understanding of her own self worth. Jana taps into primal wisdom rarely seen in the world today, working to bind us in connection as human beings and thrive in healthy and, most importantly, loving ways.” –Elizabeth Rago, owner of

“Through this program I am learning to deconstruct unhealthy beliefs about my body and myself as a sexual being. I am learning to accept all aspects of myself, even those I was told to hide due to a conservative upbringing, and reclaim my full power as a strong, intelligent woman.” —Lynne (name changed for privacy)

“I found that the reiki that I do on myself which Jana showed me is really helpful! I use it every night before I go to sleep. Her support and love has been extremely fortifying for me. I can’t recommend this wonderful woman angel enough!” –Shari Rosenthal

“I began my healing journey with Jana a month ago and have so appreciated her support and insight. Our journey together dovetails with my recovery work for an eating disorder I have had for 35 years. As I have learned to accept my body through the program and all its capabilities and wisdom, Jana has helped me to embrace deeper levels of healing, including sexual healing. This has led to deeper appreciation and satisfaction in my embodied state. I have rejoiced in dancing again, embraced kundalini yoga, and found great sexual freedom with my partner. I look forward to our continued journey together!”
-Ani Dodi

"Mademoiselle Jana with her red beret, curly hair and cowboy boots truly has a Je Ne Sais Quoi about her that is simply captivating! Her magic box of questions is full of cards with thoughtful questions that help her gain insight into your soul." --Lori Keefer, Keefer Photography (read her blog post here:

"Jana really helped me realize a few things about myself that I’ve been doing that probably aren’t helping me in terms of connecting while dating or just getting to know people even as friends. I was impressed with how many men attended the Valentine's Day Singles Salon. It really showed that they are trying to figure things out too and genuine in wanting more meaningful relationships." --Melissa 

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Organize a French Salon

A night of art, food, and conversation about intimacy

The French salon is a classic event held in a woman's living room to foster open and transforming conversation. Schedule a consultation to talk about hosting a salon in your home.

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