Dance in the Temple of Your Love

Updated: Mar 22

What is it going to take to reveal your hidden, magical, mysterious, beautiful body?

Seriously. What is it going to take?

Becoming embodied has little to do with sex or stripping or showing off. Becoming embodied is about nurturing your soul, doing the inner work that makes the energetic body free. And once you clear the energies that haunt you, the wounds of the past, the shadows you still carry around—once you clean them out and lighten them, you can be free. And your body becomes a holy temple, a dwelling place for the Lord.

And, you know, there is no saying the Lord is a man, by the way. Our culture has had that all wrong. The Lord is the union of the two energies—masculine and feminine—in the single self. Being able to embody the two: that’s power. That’s divine.

That’s the future.

So where does this start, becoming an embodied human being that hearkens to the divine?


Dance, dance, dance.

Fucking dance. And let your body feel good.

Dance everywhere, on anything. Take off your shoes and feel the earth. Your body is a sacred, holy temple, and it knows how to move. You just have to get your mind out of the way, your mind that keeps telling you what’s right and wrong, how you’re supposed to be in the world. Your mind which closes you up and sends shadows down your spine, ripples that make you cold and clueless.

Unlock the chains that we walk in every day. Be your own little work of art. Dance wherever you go, my sweet.

It feels really good.

“Old School Dance Battle”by is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


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